Ace of Spades

I aced the dive

head high in the clouds

I twist and shout

naked splash of lust

I kick and grind

wealth of yesterdays

I giggle and grin

explosion of words

I seek and cry

root of unearthed

I am or not

beast of thought and soul

I crawled in you

forbidden vault

I breathe and feel

the whole and the part

…the Ace of Spade

High on you…

I have been high

on the whiff,

The giddy scent of the rain on my face

Sparkling stars caught in spiderweb.

Another drop, and another,

Until I know the mist of earth

Then clouds in gray drapes

Pouring me onto tin roofs
I have been high 

On the piercing pain

Longing in tall nights awake

Names of knights and lost damzels

Bleeding on shrouds of passion.

Cellos weeping the touch of bow

Before coming down, ephemeral glow 
I have been high on stinging whip

On liquid fire, on nails, the sharp, the deep, the burn

On form, on utterance, on flow

On the click of my camera

On trees sky high, sunsets, playful breeze

On the shadow of a smile

On that feeling at the end of fight

When everything falls in place
In a journey of highs

Nothing prepared me

For the staggering



You called for the meeting. All executives gathered. All in black, your mark.

Except for me, wearing a splash of pinks and purples and silver mane.

When they entered the office, I was sitting on your lap, behind that antique heavy walnut desk you bought at an auction. I was impaled on your sceptre, your wet and greedy pussy dripping its lust, squeezing the hard flesh buried inside her. I was to gently sway and slightly bent, resting my forearms on the desk, scrolling down the long business plan you just drafted.

They knew what I was  doing. The room was filled with unmistakable whiff of arousal. And your pussy could not hide the wet sounds…The meeting carried on as you ordered. Brainstorming the new project. Some of the ideas caught your attention and praised that smart redhead for her courage to put it forth, despite her manager’s disapproval.

My hips swayed more, a muffled cry letting you know that your pussy just stolen a climax. I squeezed you tightly, sweat trickling down my spine. The cramps in my thighs pushed me up and over the desk, as if pointing out something on the screen. You pulled me back, your sceptre finding its way back inside the spasming pussy.

Once the meeting was over, you asked Linda, pretty as you called her, to see all them out and to come back for further instructions. She was the little secretary we interviewed together. After the last person left, she closed and locked the door. Then she approached the desk, where you swivelled the chair, exposing me, straddled over your lap and leaning back on your chest. Your mouth closed on the side of my neck, trailing up behind my ear.

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“Kneel my pet, and lick your queen. I want her climax to grip my sceptre!”

The girl crawled between your legs and planted a string of kisses up my inner thighs, inhaling the giddy scent of my arousal. Her soft lips touched my mound before gliding down, rubbing them on the engorged lips of your pussy. She loved the feeling. Her humming sent currents through your pussy. When her tongue touched the base of the clit, I almost jumped off your cock.

You unbuttoned my shirt and pulled out the breasts from their confinement. With one hand squeezing the flesh and the other one pressing my tummy right above your pussy, you controlled my body, lush offering to your hunger.

…and to the greedy mouth of the girl.

Climax after climax, my body turned into molten honey, fluid and burning into your arms. I rotated my head to you, kissed you ferociously, sucking your tongue in my mouth, sucking it more. Your cock twitched inside your pussy, pushing deeper. Your moves became urgent, your hands clawing my hips. I knew you were close.

“My King, pour your essence into the girl’s mouth, please. She is such a good pet.”

Your low growl marked your climax. With a firm arm you hauled me up while with the other hand you grabbed the girl’s nape and pushed it down on your cock, filling her mouth with your essence. I glide in your embrace, bent down and kissed the girl, tasting our mixed juices in her mouth.

“oh, my pet, this is just the beginning. Sit there on the chair, open your legs, wide…wider, and masturbate, give us the climax you earned today”

As she pulled her tight skirt up her legs, she revealed black stocking and a dark pink pussy glistening of arousal.

“oh, my king, pet is so excited. look at that rosy lips begging to be stroked”

Her fingers splashed over the pussy, rubbing up and down, clipping a lip and then the other one before catching the hard clit. A finger inside, slowly coming out, wet, encircling the clit. Two fingers deep in and fast out, wet sounds filling the air. She leaned back in the chair, threw a leg over the chair’s arm and arched her body in pure abandonment.

The lust took control of my body. I took your hand and pushed it on my burning pussy. Holding it tight, rubbing myself on it. Your little bitch in heat, humping your hand, while the little pet cried her first climax.

” I want to see you fucking all her tiny holes, my King…please”

“I’ll just watch you, pleasing your kitten”

Your tensed body told me how much my desire pleased you.

“My little pet, get up, finish the work for today and at 7 sharp be ready. You are coming home tonight”

Alone in the office, you pushed me off your lap, grabbed me by the hair and pulled me in front of the window. With your foot you knocked my legs apart, spanked hard the right ass cheek, bent over me and whispered “This is just for me, my queen!” and charged inside my drenched pussy, fucking me hard, deep, fast. I could feel you knocking at my womb door. My breasts were crushed on the window’s glass, the pain darting electrical shocks into your pussy. Grunts and laboured breathing was the symphony of the day.

You did not want to climax. I begged you…

At 7 sharp we took our pet from the secretarial desk and drove home. Your cum was dripping on my thighs. Your essence lingered in my mouth…

Daddy’s hands

The wallpaper in the corner of the room blended gently with her pale face and trembling body.

She reached at the party right in the middle of the contest. Women barely clad and men in black placed their bets. The one luckier than others may have the whip, the girl and the photographer. And he chosen her…

She once wrote on her wishlist that she wanted to be publicly whipped, tied to a column.

She once said that she wanted to be turned into a capodopera of blood and tears, a canvas for the symphony of his wrath.

…and he always made her wishes come true. In his terms and at his pace.

Without a word, he took her hand and pulled her in the corner, where a gorgeous column kissed the ceilings with lips of a lily. The column was wide for three persons to embrace it. At regular intervals there were large hooks of iron demanding to hang weights. The ropes spread at the foot of the column were red like the blood she asked for.

Gentle hands pushed her against the column, brushed her hair away from her face and draw the lines of her forehead, cheekbones and jaws, to encircle her throat. The heart was trapped like a little rabbit, pulsing in his palms. She wanted to drown in his gaze. Proud. Possessive.

One by one, the top, the bra, the skirt, the panties disappeared…and he claimed every inch of the exposed skin, silk of fear and anticipation under his hands. Her body entered in resonance, burning high. So when he turned her around and embraced with her the column, she melted īn his embrace.

The rope secured her wrists and ankles, wide spread and tenderly tight wrapped around the column.

His hands drawn her arms, grazing the skin with his nails. Then kneaded the tensed shoulders and caressed her back before squeezing her waist. The curve of her hips felt the grip before the ass cheeks trembled in his palms.

The silence engulfed her. The column grew harder against her breasts. The air turned cold brushing her back in strings of ice. She was sudddnly afraid.

The first swish broke the air on her left. She tried to pull away but the bonds kept her safe. And then the first kiss fell on her back from the shoulder to her hip. A vertical line of his desire.

she grabbed the ropes in her hands and gripped them tight. Shd pushed her ass back as far as the bonds allowed her, but he wouldn’t have it. The palm fell harsh on her ass  cheek, putting her n place.

And let the symphony begin!

One strike at the time in predictable order, one next to another. A line of fire next to the other. Her silence was deafening. Her silence was begging for more. Her silence defied him.

She tensed at his touch. Pulled back in a braid, her hair turned into a rope for his anger. He captured her mouth in a demanding kiss, probing, stealing her breath. His teeth sank into her lower lip before letting go of her.

Storm erupted. The whip played her body in a symphony of waterfalls and wild cats. Her voice rose clear, an ode to his hands. A prayer for his whip. A sigh for his mercy. Begging for no mercy.

She pleaded for his wrath and he unleashed her demons, tamed them, curled at her feet.

At last, she started purring, a cat stretched on the cold pillon. He then dropped the whip in a thunder and licked the blood staining the creamy silk of her skin.

A painting she was, in his hands, she was a canvas for his symphony.

In Daddy’s hands


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…chocolate overload

I always knew that you were generous. With your desire for me. With your demands. With your undivided attention. With your delicious chocolate bar.

So I knew you will fulfill my wish of having a girl made of chocolate. When you brought her home I moved slowly, and leaned back against the books shelf. I stood there silent, looking at you but engulfing her in the same gaze.

An overload of chocolate for the birthday girl…

At your discreet nod, I approached and took the girl’s hand, embraced her and kissed her lightly in the corner of her mouth, then I turned to you. Your arm seized my waist, squeezed me hard. Just to say… “you are mine”.

Silence is not your water to swim but today it was about me. You put on soft jazz, husky female voices trembling in the air. I saw the girl’s hips slightly swaying so I guided her in the middle of the room and danced with her. At first, keeping distance, barely touching her hands. Her scent was so strong. Primal. Saturated with lust. Intoxicated, I walked behind her and wrapped my arms around her slim body, continuing to sway. She pushed her taunt ass against my tummy rubbing on me side to side. I seized her body tightly and continue undulating with her in the rhythm of the blues.

You took a glass with scotch on the rocks and sat in my favorite armchair. Your eyes burned through me.

Come fly with me… the voice erupted in the room, clothes flying one by one, feverish hands entangled in buttons and hooks and straps. It was a melange of cream and chocolate, skin to skin caressing. The first kiss lingered on my neck, slithering down from behind my ear. The beast was awakened by my sweet aroma. The girl grabbed my ass cheeks and pushed her pelvis into mine. As I arched back, she caught my rosy nipple and suckled forcefully. My scream startled me.

I let her play with my body. I let her sing my senses. Standing there in the middle of the room, under the golden glow of the lamp. Under your feverish eyes. When you got up the chair to get another drink, I freed myself from the girl’s grip and pulled her towards you. We surrounded you. We invaded you. Hands grabbing you. Fingers uncovering your skin. I was hungry. A hunger that only you could appease. 

My king, majestic in your nakedness, you enveloped me in your arms and kissed me, hard, probing my mouth, invading my senses with your thirst. I felt the girl’s teeth grazing the skin on my back, drawing spirals of fire. Twisting in your embrace, I pulled the girl closer and kissed her, lips in a breathtaking lock. Your teeth sank deep in my shoulder, arching my head back, escaping from her mouth. As I cocked my head on a shoulder, I encouraged the girl to kiss you. Fire build up in my body seeing you biting and pulling her plump lower lip. The growl in your throat erupted as fierce as your grip on my hip. I could not move, encaged between two hot bodies, rubbing on me. Dark and smooth, dark and hard, creamy and soft, and explosive mixture.

You broke the lock and pushed us away from you, still tightly embraced. I would not have it though. I turned towards you, spread my fingers on your chest and pushed you down on the armchair you sat before and straddled you, squeezing your thighs together with my own. I knew you could break me. I knew your strength. But in that moment you were just amused by my audacity. I called the girl to join us and we both sat on your lap, her hands anchored on my boobs, entrapping my nipples between her fingers and pulling them towards your mouth.With a slight glide on the side, I imbalanced the cheeky girl, who fell face flat on your chest. I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back licking the column of her neck and biting her chin before kissing her lush lips. With the other hand I blindly pulled your head towards us and breaking the kiss with the girl, I caught your lower lip between my teeth and pull it. The girl froze in my hand so I arched my back and bend her over my boob, feeding her my hardened nipple.

For a while the room was filled just by sucking sounds…my sucking your lip, her sucking my nipple. The restlessness in my body increased and I started rubbing my pussy on your thigh, wetness dripping on you. The girl felt my movement and she followed me, on your other thigh. You were being humped by two bitches in heat. I felt your arm grabbing my waist and squeezing me. Suddenly I felt crowded, overwhelmed. With a snake-like move I slid off your lap without losing the grip on your lip and of her hair. Then pulled her by hair to stand next to me. After I licked your lips once more, I stood up, embraced the chocolate girl and we started swaying in tandem. Your eyes sparkled in the night, lit by the sight of chocolate and cream entwined. In dancing steps, I touched the girl, my hands feeling the smooth skin of her shoulders, the swell of her perky tits, fingers pinching the dark pearls of her nipples. She threw her head back and shrieked, sending jolts of lust through my whole body. With one hand squeezing her tit, I let my other hand glide down her tummy, encircling the navel and viciously gripping her whole pussy. I parted her legs with my own, exposing her to my hunger. Slightly twisting my body and gliding a hand on her back, I turned to you, looking in your eyes, silently thanking you for the marvelous gift..and promising you more…

Holding her tightly, I bent over her nipple and sucked it in my mouth while my hand cupped her plump pussy, gently squeezing. She arched her back and pushed against my hand, moaning her lust. My fingers started their shameless invasion, opening the lips of her pussy, rubbing them slowly, round and round, maddeningly slow. The girl grabbed my hair and pulled me to her mouth, kissing me deep, hard, demanding. Laughter built up in my chest. Joy engulfing me. I wanted more. I had her wanting more.

The first orgasm hit the girl when I lightly tapped on her engorged clit. She growl and tensed, a graceful bow in my arms, before she rested for a second her head on my shoulder. Then the assault restarted. She fought me when I slapped her hard ass cheeks and then clawed her. My fingers entered her drenched pussy, one, two, three fingers, gripped by the muscles inside. Her hips were moving fast, fucking herself on my firm invasion. Again and again and again…she rose and descended, a climax more beautiful then the next one.

She barely could stand up. I encircled her in my arms, hugging her tightly. Then took her face in my palms and kissed her before making a few dancing steps guiding her towards you. Your hard cock honored our grace. Pushing her gently, I covered your cock with a condom before guiding it inside her still throbbing pussy. But I did not let her sit on you. Not yet. With one hand on the base of your hard shaft and the other one caressing her tummy, I slowly knelled between your legs. And continued caressing that dark chocolate pussy with my chocolate bar. Rubbing it on the swollen lips. Pressing it on the engorged clit. Her legs was shaking. Your body was drenched in sweat. I was in heaven.

At last I pushed the girl down, impaling her on your cock. 

And had my feast…



Big mouth…talking back. She was trying his patience. For days she was just plain and simple bratty. Asking for it. Hunting for what was to come.

He knew her well enough to stay away from her demands. She asked to be punished. She demanded his heavy hand on her restless body. But he knew better than to give in…She was way too far from safety. And she refused to talk about what wrung her so tightly.

You will be punished. And you will be taken care of.

When she reached home she found him standing in the middle of the room, dressed up, grandious, menacing. Deadly calm.

Remove your clothes and your jewelries. Keep your high heels, stockings, panties and bra!

Trembling, she slowly took off her jacket and placed it on the chair’s back. Then unzipped the skirt and let it slide down her legs, stepped out of it and fold it neatly before placing it on the chair. The buttons of the shirt kept slipping off her shaking fingers…

Face to the wall. Push your ass back and spread your legs.

The belt fell in fast strikes, hard, on the same spot. 5 times. She did not have the time to breathe…so fast.

Sit down on the wooden chair and put your hands behind its back. Spread wide your legs.

Thus seated she felt her burning ass…she was so exposed…so vulnerable…so little.

The rope came like an embrace, seizing her breasts and her arms, holding her tight against the chair. He secured her ankles to the chair’s legs. The gag surprised her the most.
…and his probing fingers, caressing her thighs and the nether lips, rubbing her clit, penetrating her. Mercilessly keeping her on the verge of climax. Five times he brought her close and stopped. Her whimpers filling his ears.

But he knew better than letting her go.

He left her there, in the middle of the room. In total silence. Just the wall clock was ticking the seconds of torture. And a sharp golden line was bringing the sunset right between her shamelessly spread thighs.
Silence. Deafening silence. Her breathing became harder and noisier. She needed a sound. But she remembered the gag…NO SOUND.

She lost the measure of time. The steps approaching startled her. There were two persons. His steps she recognized. And he came along with a woman, who stopped in front of the window, a slender shape, naked, except the heels and stockings.
She felt his hand grabbing her hair tight and pulling her head back.

Your bad behavior took away your privilege to serve me today. You will just watch how your king will be serviced by a borrowed servant. Your services are not desired today, he whispered in her ear, the words cutting her skin like his hunting knife.

With a jerk of his hand, he released her hair and walked towards the other woman, who instantly fell on her knees, spread wide her legs and waited for his command. He ordered the woman to masturbate, giving her gentle instructions, how to touch herself for his pleasure. The room soon became hot, filled with the whiff of lust. The woman moaned softly, asking permission to climax.

You may climax at will. I want all you can give me, he replied, looking at the bound woman.

Orgasm after orgasm, the time stood still. She tried to squirm on the chair but the bonds kept her safe despite the wetness making the chair slippery. Silent moan escaped her mouth attracting his reproaching eyes. She swallowed hard and stiffened. A tear hanged on her eyelashes.
She knew she deserved it. She knew she needed this punishment as she disappointed her king.

You pleased me well, girl. Crawl now to that chair and lick that disobeying cunt, drink her juices. You deserve them. She is not allowed to climax though!

His eyes burnt fire in the quiet room. She gasp at the first touch. She almost cum. The tongue was gentle encircling the swollen lips before probing deep the hot dripping furnace. Lapping the nectar of her lust. Pushing her down the path. Panting, restlessly pulling the bonds, she tried to escape the merciless tongue, flickering fire in her groins. Rigid in her efforts to hold her climax, tears staining her face, teeth grinding through the gag.

Exhausted, she looked up to him, apologizing, begging for forgiveness. Silenced. Finally the soothing darkness of oblivion released her from the torment.

…she woke up in his arms, in his heat, tightly cuddled in his arms.

Dark Priest

He did turn me upside down, shredded the veil of my shame and wiped the fearful mist off the mirror, showing me how beautiful I was in my darkness, in my lust, in my hunger…
He awakened the whore. He anointed the priestess.

A Faded Romantic's Notebook

Dark Priest

I will be your dark priest.

You will confess your most intimate, most sensual,  most erotic, most sexual desires.

You will confide your deepest hidden sacred secret wishes,

your yearning, your lust, your longing.

You will tell me your wildest darkest decadent fantasies.

I will make them pure.

I will make them holy.

I will make them real.

I will give them flesh.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Written a year ago.

Photograph taken from Pinterest. Provenance unknown. Please let me know if yours and I will credit or remove.

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