I dream of Your


to possess me

to hold me

to show me

Your world

I feel Your


to enlighten me

to cherish me

to reign over

Your inception

I hear Your


to entice me

to sharpen me

to whip me up

Your heights

I taste Your


to awaken me

to discipline me

to instill me

Your spirit

I spring into Your


to be adored

to be freed

forever and ever

Your owned


(The Inner Spirit Of Bonsai by John Rivera)



I quietly feign

He owns me


My grace

The body

My short red hair

And flaring temper

My throaty laughter

And swaying hips

The sparkle

My cries


I quietly feign

He owns me


He won’t

Wrap His hand

Around my neck,

But for a moment

I’m breathless, flying

In paradise

(Inspired by https://afadedromantic.wordpress.com/2017/10/01/quietly-pretend-2/)

I Don’t Want You

His arm snaked around her waist, pulling her close to his wide chest. Warm air breathed in her nape. She melted in his embrace, aroused and aching for his touch. It was in his arms that she forgot the world, the freezing fear and the darkness of loneliness. She felt whole in his tight hold.

“Look around you, kitten. All these women and men came here tonight to celebrate your success. Your first exhibition. Your coming out of the cocoon.”  While pouring these words in her ear, his hands roamed freely on her body. She belonged to him. This body was his to enjoy in any way in any place he desired. And she was ecstatic about it. Tonight would have not been if it weren’t for his relentlessly pushing her beyond the limits. And they did it.

“Do not move! Do not make any sound!”, his low growl scratching the skin behind her ear. Suddenly the air became so thin and the heavy silk of her night gown evaporated in the heat of her lust. She has been trained well to yield completely to his desire and to absorb all his pleasure as her own. Immovable and silent, a statue of marble, molten lava in his hands, she felt his lips drawing a line of fire down her neck. The stifled moan almost choked her.

He pulled her in the corner of the reception hall, close to an overgrown bush, intimately cloaked in the shadow. She stood there. Still. Breathing slowly, quieting her mind. The world around them started to fade away in a blur and a buzz. It was just them, his heat and desire, his hands caressing her taut body, his lips trailing on the naked skin on her neck and shoulder. The teeth sank deep, sharp pain shooting through her arm.

No sound. No move. A marble for his pleasure.

The dress, his design, was meant to cover and expose her in the same time, always available to his lust, anywhere and at anytime. With one hand possessively clenched over her left breast, he parted the back folds of the dress and caressed her buttocks, grazing the skin, still so sensitive after the afternoon delicious spanking.

“Oh, dear, the photographs are amazing. We are so delighted to have been part of this event.”, broke the voice of one of the guests, who approached them. She gracefully shook hands with the couple, thanking them for attending the exhibition. He hold her tight with his left hand viciously clawing her ass cheek, while shaking hands with the guests and exchanging pleasantries in his most charming voice.

By the time they were alone again, she was flushed and drenched. She feared that the musk of her arousal have been smelled by the passersby. His right hand slithered under the dress, gripping the nipple and twisting it. Other fingers found their way inside her dripping pussy, the swollen lips sucking them greedily. “You want to cum, my little slut, don’t you? Oh, yes, you are going to give me all of it, all this hunger, all this fire, all of you!”

Erect like the temple’s column, she stood there engulfed in the flames of her betraying body, steeling herself to remain still and swallowing the moans, the grunts and the all mighty waling that built up in the pit of her sinful flesh. “Tonight you are to watch me pleased by that silver gorgeous thing waiting for my command, as I have watched you caressed by all these lustful art collectors, hungry for your flesh and blood!”

His words carved deep into her conscious, awakening her. Still silent but frozen in her anguish, she gasped for air. “I do not want you anymore, kitten!”

Was it a second or an hour that she stood there in the dark? Blinded by the fiery pain that suddenly ripped through her, she waited for his chuckle to deny the words that she thought she’ve heard. Oh, but all they were truth, she thought, when she saw him gently touching the elbow of the silver girl and pulling her towards a group of guests.

When finally she made the first step she expected to hear the sound of shattered crystals screaming her pain, for the world to know. But it was just the soothing swish of the silk draping her curves. The night was young and the party was to start in the private apartment hired for the night. She was the hostess. She was the queen of the night. And all the guests were to be treated royally.

Minutes turned into hours, the whole place ravaged by debauchery. They all relished in the carnal pleasures, a display of grace and obedience, of greed and cruelty, of sheer abandon. All little snacks and fruits devoured, the sparkling wine and cooling lemonade drank, the wee hours of morning unveiling spent bodies scattered in the apartment.

She sat in the corner, by the bar, sipping from a glass of red wine. One of the boys approached her and asked permission to massage her feet. She needed that and she indulged. The boy kneeled at the feet and gently removed her shoes. Then he worked his magic reviving her abused feet. She has been standing and walking for hours and hours, ensuring that everything would be nothing but perfect.

At first light of the day, she called the servants and gave them the instructions, called the limousine company to drive the guests to their homes. Before she left, she looked for him and found him asleep sitting in a high seat by the window. The face she adored was pale and drawn, a deep crease etched between his eyebrows. She took a blanket from the wardrobe and covered him, looked at him one last time, turned around and walked away without looking back.

She closed the door behind herself not knowing that he never touched the silver girl, not knowing that all this was the final test…


“I’m in generous mood tonight and as my best friend is in need, I decided to share you, kitten. He’s throwing a party and needs as much support as he can get. He already knows your limits, and mine as well. Serve him as well as you serve me!”

Your words were like ice needles, fear and excitement mixed together. I knew your friend. He loved lavish parties, with lot of displayed subs, lots of ropes and human furniture. During his parties there was no sex but everything was so sensually hot that induced a sexual hunger beyond reason.
That’s why his parties were only 5 hours top.

You dropped me at the entrance and left.

A young man opened the door and guided me in the servants quarters. I was to serve afterall…After a shower and thorough inspection, I’ve been wrapped in a golden tight fitting overall. I was entirely covered and yet so naked. My nipples were hard and rubbing the fabric. The crotch cut my pussy lips.

Taken in a large walk-in wardrobe, the boy set me in the corner, between a tabletop lamp and a drawers chest. “Turn around, girl!”. He twisted my arms then I felt silky rub over my forearms lying across the middle of my back.


I heard voices, a mixture of male and female sounds in a light flirtatious harmony. A warm breath tickled the side of my neck and a deep voice praised the beauty of silky adornments on my forearms. Ties. He pulled one in a slow rub, sending shivers down my spine. I drew a raspy mouthful of air. I was not to move.
The conversation carried on while others approached and grabbed ties. Their touches were ever light, teasing the hell out of me. I closed my eyes and all of it increased thousands folds. Oh, boy, the night is young…


In the livingroom I peeked the sight of a gorgeous woman comfortably sitting on the soft curves of another. Not far from which I was set up on a coffee table, brightly lit and next to a wall decoration admired by a fully clothed man.





When you came to pick me up all my skin was tingling, the lust staining the golden strips, a nipple freed and begging for attention. The host invited you to have some fruits deliciously carried by another slave girl.


It reminded me the evenings when you worked from home.



The drive was silent. With your free hand you pinched and twisted a nipple or fingered my wet cunt. Torturing caresses as I was not allowed to cum.

At home you ordered me to strip and attach myself to the column’s hook. I knew what was coming…your wrath, cleansing, grounding.
Stripe next stripe, your whip draw your magic on my back, from neck to the back of my knees.
With a gruff voice, you asked for my front side. I turned around, hold the hook and thrusted my breasts towards you. The fire engulfed me.
I wanted you. I begged for you. I cried your name, enchanted name
“Do you want to cum, slut?”
Between tears, I said yes, please, fuck me, let me cum

You had different mind though…you were not done with me

When you untied me from the column, I collapsed at your feet. With fingers entangled in my hair, you pulled me to your chair and ordered me to masturbate while watching you touching yourself. I ached for your cock. I was drooling for your cock. I begged you to fuck me.

“If I cum before you, no orgasm for you for long!”

Feverish fingers rubbing the sensitive skin. Orgasm far away. The order to cum chased it away and no threat would bring it back. I grew anxious. Your cock stood proudly in your hand and I could not cum.

You bent slightly, took my nipple in between your fingers and pinched and pulled and twisted it as if it was the finest cubanese cigar. That invisible wire between the buds fired my cunt and wetness sounds filled the air.

The milky arch of your essence painted my breasts in the same moment the blast of my orgasm hit hard, arching my body.

I bowed to your feet before falling asleep curled around them…

poly-hypocrisy or monogamous poly-cheating?

I was charmed by his wit and his promise of honesty and openness.

Oh, finally a man of honour, I said to myself. A man who is honest about his insatiable appetite for women, his indiscriminate admiration and hunger for beauties of all shapes and sizes and colors of sensuality and sexuality. I was pulled into his bright light like a butterfly towards the candle’s flame, I was pulled in the circle of the butterflies dancing around his flame.
Oh, yes, finally a man of honour…! A man proud of his choices. Proud of his women. Proud with his women.

For being his, I have abode to his demand of my being his only, despite my own insatiable appetite for other beauties and sensual forms and shapes.
But I was promised to live my dream
A dream come true. Unleashed lust. An universe of fiery possibilities.
No hiding. No assumptions. No fear of skeletons in the closet.

I bowed to him, after long deliberations, proud of being part of his pride. I walked tall, being chosen to be part of his pride. I looked forward to know my sisters. I looked forward to be shown to my sisters, as precious as all of them.


What a marvelous fantasy! And what is kink other than a fairytale?!

The world outside does not exist if I do not consent to it. What a beautiful illusion!

If I do not know about his other women, in my eyes, in my mind we are monogamous to each other. He is exclusively my man. I am exclusively his woman.

​A ​too-good-to-be-true blop…
When it burst in millions of shrapnels, broke me into shreds.

His acceptance of secrecy tainted the very foundation of his pride: Honesty
He resigned from his principles.

…and he created the treacherous bubble of monogamy within a poly-relationship.

House of Cards, season 2

​You got up from the chair and pull me along by the leather harness. I gasped at the sudden pain shooting through my joints and stiff muscles. You hold me tight, absorbing the shocks of hasted standing up. With me in your arms, you started to stretch. A pull. A twist. A bent. Then you kneaded my shoulders, punched my buttocks, twisted my wrists. When you clawed my hips and lifted me up I screamed in fear and pain. It was all a surprise. Followed by a warmth spreading like honey into my veins. The body awakened under your touch.

Standing in the middle of the room, your arms tightly encircling my waist, you asked me in a gruff voice “Do you want to cum, kitten?”. Oh, yes. <Yes> was the word screaming through my whole being. And you knew the answer. That is why you would not give it to me. Your chuckle proved me that I was to work hard to earn it. Oh, and I knew how hard you’d work me…You left me there standing and went in the other room. I could hear drawers opening. Screeching sounds. Your mumbling. When you returned you hold something in your hand I could not see.

“Turn around, kitten!”. You caressed my arm and pinched a nipple to encourage me to move faster. Then darkness engulfed me. The cloth you tied over my eyes was dense and coarse, heavy on my skin.

You started to untie me by pulling the knots, rubbing the leather string on my skin. I took a short breath of relief. It didn’t last long though as you started weaving your torture in different loops and new knots.

The strings crisscrossed my back, squeezed my tits, trapped my nipples, pulled my arms back. This time it wasn’t chafing the skin. It felt more like a safety net lovingly embracing my upper body. “Ummm, don’t you look delicious so helpless, so much at my mercy, my little bound slut”, you whispered in my ear. I wanted to reply but you covered my mouth with yours, a searing kiss, your tongue choking me, your teeth piercing the skin. The taste of blood in my mouth awakened the beast. I blindly searched for your flesh and grazed it with my teeth. I found your lip, as you generously let me, and pulled it, sucked it in my mouth. My whimper turned into moans and hungry growls. Your laughter poured into me before you left me bare and cold in the middle of the darkness.

Again standing there. Blind. Alone.

I tried to catch any sound or movement. An eerie silence surrounded me, sending chills through my body. Were you there? Were you watching me? Should I stay still? Should I move?

Suddenly the tv broke aloud, the soundtrack of your favorite series announcing a new episode. Distracted by the sound, I did not notice how close you were of me until your fingers grabbed the leather harness and pulled me backwards a couple of steps. My heel hit a soft object. You pulled me furthermore and I fumbled on climbing on the object. When you seemed satisfied to where I was standing, you ordered me to kneel. I lowered one knee and then the other and spread my legs as far as I could, keeping my toes interlaced. With my back arched, thrusting up and out my nipples, I extended my neck trying to touch you with my lips. Giggles burst in me when I realised I’ve kissed the air.

The soft support under me, a large cushion maybe, spun with me. My body staggered, trying to regain its balance.

It was then when I felt your knees pushing into my back. Your arm encircled my neck and pulled me as far back I could bent without falling over.

“You are going to earn your orgasm, kitten. Oh, yes, you’re going to work for all its worth”. Your laughter was so evil that cold shivers coursed through all my body.

You pushed me on my fours, adjusted my posture to fit the task you had in mind. In the darkness of the blindfold, I could only imagine how my body looked like, all poised and arched, head down hanging off the cushion, hard nipples pressed on its edge, knees apart and butt up, exposing my your kitty and rosebud.

Minutes passed without anything happening except for the fast conversations rolling up on tv.

The first strike lingered across both buttocks, like a long tongue of fire. Line next to line, you stripped the white canvas of my butt. I thanked you from the fifth hit, when the burn cut through me. And asked for more.

But who was I kidding? You already had your plan, what color, how burning, how many lines in your discourse. You checked the accuracy of your design, rubbing and squeezing without mercy the inflamed flesh. The smell of arousal mixed with the metallic scent of blood.  One hit broke the skin close to the edge of my thigh.

Grabbing the harness in your fist, you pulled me back until the hairs on your naked legs tickled the sides of my hips. You brought me between your opened legs.

“My kitten, yours is to please the sceptre, keep it hard and well coated in your lust juices.” You positioned your kitty to engulf your cock than with a well placed stingy slap, you encouraged me to move my ass up and down on the shaft.

The strings interwoven on my back allowed you to correct my position each time I got strayed. With no support from my hands, tightly bound on my back, I relied entirely on the strength of my thighs and the core stamina. And your fist of lust. Each time I slowed down, you grabbed my arms and thrust faster and harder, roughly using your kitty. Sweat covered my skin in a glow. The juices trickled down my inner thighs. I was so close to cum. And you felt the pussy closing like a fist around your sceptre.

Relentlessly, your bare hand slapped my ass, making me move back and forth faster, taking you deeper, squeezing you. After the third wave of climax, you released the bonds from your hand and started fingering the rosebud. I needed no further encouragement.  My ass swung as if it grew a mind of itself.

“Keep quiet, greedy slut!”, your voice broke over Frank’s  discourse. Whimpering, I swallowed hard and focused on your sceptre and fingers. No sound.

A new episode started when you pulled out your sceptre and pressed me down on the cushion. Your weight crushed me. Your nails clawing my arms.

…As you pressed your palm between my shoulder blades, I felt you leaning over me, your breath hot burning my ear. “Who is my greedy kitten?” your voice rolled like a thunder. “I am your greedy kitten” I whispered. Your fingers probed my ass hole when your mouth came closer to my ear and growled “Whose is this ass?” “Yours, my King “, I whispered


House of Cards, season 1

The leather harness was so tight, squeezing my flesh, digging deep grooves in ​the skin. The slightest move I made left burning trail. And the knots, oh, you wicked King! Those knots rubbing right on the nipples and on the clit. Not hard enough to make me cum. Not too soft to forget about them.

Tonight you freed your agenda to watch your favorite tv series. Oh, why was I not surprised that it was about another scrumptious sadist?

“Bring me a glass of brandy and my cigar, kitten!”

Walking gracefully, as you taught me you liked it, I poured the drink in a crystal glass, placed it on the cold tray, next to the cigar, clipper, lighter and ashtray. And swayed back to you my bound tits​ that​ appeared​ much larger in the leather…

You took the tray from my hands and motioned me to kneel on my fours next to your armchair. I was to face away from tv…so much for sharing a movie! Straight back. When the glass touched my skin, I took a deep breath and steadied my body. The ashtray felt even colder, followed by the clipper. Hmmm, the smoke filled my nostrils as I sniffed in the aroma of the cigar you just lit.

Settled, you turned on the tv and enjoyed the manipulations of Frank, sipping from the glass and puffing the cigar. My ears caught every sound so acutely. The flicker of the lamp above my head, the gentle swish of the fan, the muted crackle of the cigar, your sipping the brandy, the tapping on the chair’s arm.​

…It all grew to the size of a symphony. A music for a decadent evening.

Your nails traced the curve of my ass. Digging deeper. With shaky breathing, I kept my body still. Distracting fingers trailed between my ass cheeks, pulling up the leather string nestled between them. I gasped at the sudden burn shooting along the crack and into my nether lips. With two fingers you made the strings apart, to get access in the dripping pussy. Gentle caresses. Absentminded touches in the long of pussy lips​. A finger tapped the entrance and probed in. The glass on my back trembled dangerously.

You swatted my ass. No words. Frank was in a fiery debate with a woman.

Your fingers restarted their incursions. A trail of claws drawing the curve of my ass from the thigh up on the slope. Two fingers traced the double string in the crack of my ass, pulling it up. A gasp caught in my mouth. “Shhh, kitten!”. The fingers parted the strings, exposing the entrance of pussy and penetrated it slowly.  I was so close to cum but dared not to distract your attention.The action in the movie increased and so it was the speed of your probing fingers.

A sip from the glass. A puff. Probing fingers punctuating the rhythm of the action in the movie.

My body stilled in a coffee table and chalice of your attention. I don’t know how long it went like this. An episode or two? The ache in my knees, the tension in my wrists, the leather burn on my skin turned into a sweet torture. I caught myself moaning. Was it me? The tv sounds disappeared. Your sounds blurred into a soothing hum. I was just nerves ending at your fingertips begging for another dipping in my aching pussy.

When you pulled me by the harness biting my earlobe and whispering “Naughty greedy kitten”, my heart skipped a bit. I fumbled on my knees, squealing my surprise…​